Advanced Software Resources, Inc. (ASR) is a privately owned engineering company founded in 1987 and based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara California. We provide Software Development for Space & Electronic Systems Control, Imagery Exploitation, Signal Processing, and Advanced Digital Asset Management Systems.

ASR Specializes in:
Digital Asset Management
Space & Airborne Command and Control
Satellite State of Health Management
Payload Mission Planning and Scheduling
Orbital Analysis and Attitude Control Software
Telemetry Processing, Analysis and Reporting
Real-time Embedded ESM, SIGINT, IMINT, DF Systems
Imagery and Data Exploitation

Many customers count on ASR's technical capabilities to minimize schedule and cost risks.

Choosing ASR as your Software Solutions Partner has several advantages:
Industry Recognition (quality work at competitive prices)
Depth of Skill (junior to senior levels including leadership/management)
Breadth of Skill (full range of software engineering disciplines)
Large Percentage of Very-Experienced Engineering Leaders
Independent-Thinking, Self-Confident, Innovative Risk-Takers
Small & Agile: Can Move Quickly to Meet Client's Needs

ASR is not only an excellent company from a customer point of view, it's also a great place to work. View our Employment opportunities page to find out why! ASR is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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